What Our Customers Say

  • The whole experience was very relaxing. Brian was attentive and made everything comfortable.

    Celeste D. Gilbert
  • This is what Netflix and chill should really entail- for the sake of everyone's health! As an integrative health professional I highly recommend a good sweaty detox at least once a week (especially living here in AZ). What a great place to do it- Bryan is very accommodating and professional. Enjoy!

    Devan O. Gilbert
  • Pure Sweat is amazing! As a mom of 2 young kids, I can definitely use a little me time. A deep sweat that burn calories, balances hormones, enhances skin texture and so much more all while watching Netflix. Highly recommend!

    Naomi V. Gilbert
  • This was freaking amazing!!!! Bryan was the best and the experience was fantastic. The benefits are going to be great, I sweated so much and felt so good after!!!!! Love this, I'm gonna sign up

    Lynn K. Chandler
  • Had such a great experience here! I went in to see if it would help my shoulder pain and was skeptical. It felt so much better even before my sweat was over! Awesome customer service! Give it a try you won't be disappointed!! Clean. Friendly. Relaxing!!!

    April M. San Tan Valley
  • Was very hesitant about trying this out with a friend. After a hard workout, I wanted to just warm up and get some toxins out from some bad eating and what not. Loved the sweats they gave me to wear. Super comfy. Netflix while sweating passed the time. Cold towel helped me keep sane last minutes in. Water in a reusable bottle weirded me out a bit but was a must have. Would do it monthly maybe.

    Sam T. Chandler
  • I love the infrared blanket and the staff is always so nice. I feel so refreshed after my session and it has helped heal my knee injury.

    Joanne H. Gilbert
  • I heard about Pure Sweat Spa through a friend while I was visiting Arizona. I showed up at the newly opened spa and was greeted by the owner Bryan and his friendly staff. They made me feel extremely welcomed, gave me a good tour of the spa, shared with me the spa's concept and what I will be expecting from the treatment. I can tell a lot of attention to details is put into the guest waiting area, the front desk, the treatment rooms and down to the bath/shower rooms. They truly want to give the customers the best experience.

    Joanne L. San Francisco
  • FREAKING AMAZING! I'd give 10 stars if possible. So hearing about this place I went to the website and you are greeted with 6 benefits of sweating on the home page. The place is very well put together. I've never been to a spa, so this place left me with a great impression. The staff are attentive and super friendly. The lighting is soft, but not so dark you can't see anything. The areas can be private or you can open the curtain if you are with someone. The movie selections were endless and you get a remote control to choose from the selections. I agree that whoever designed the place has an attention to detail and knows how to make people feel welcome and relaxed. I'd be shocked if this place doesn't catch on and explode in popularity. Being a sufferer of back pain from hard living in my youth, this place was a miracle for me. I will be going back again and getting my sweat on. Thank you Pure Sweat.

    Darry W. Mesa
  • I workout up to 5 times a week. However, I love getting the blanket wrap treatment on those off days that I don't feel like going to the gym. It's awesome getting the equivalent of a workout while watching a show on Netflix. And I always sleep like a baby afterwards.

    Brad J. Gilbert

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